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a breath of fresh air in music gear dealers!

A guitar equipment dealer that is completely independent and does not price fix anything!

what Guitar Shopper offers guitarists

That's right we really are diiferent than that plethora of guitar shops out there... here's some of what we do:

Great Guitars

Second user or new...

Some music stores will not even deal with second hand guitars these days... but we're different. We obtain high quality guitars that any guitarist would be proud to own. Check out our guitars from the menus on this page and we're sure you will like them and they are a great price too.


Incredible Amps

Quality Amplifiers

The amps we have for sale are not usually those beaten up worn out amplifiers we all often see... we're interested in supplying high quality amplifiers and our stock has all been checked out to make sure it really is as good as we say... we guarantee them too!


Amazing Effects

Brilliant Effects & Pedals

New pedals cost a fortune sometimes and are they really worth that cost? But how do you find great effects pedals that have not been abused? We sell high quality effects pedals and rack units that have all been checked out to ensure they are all up to a standard - used but not abused!


Amplifier Repairs

Marshall Amp repairs

If you get problems with your amplifier we know how hard it can be to get resolved - we've been there too... guys who claim a lot but in reality used to fix TV's! But we can often repair your amplifier if it has problems and our sister company is a Marshall authorised repair centre.


Guitarists Accessories

Get accessories here

Often its the small things that many dealers will typically over price... things like guitar stands, strings, picks, amplifier tubes... well you get the idea. We set out to change that and offer some recourse against all those dealer types. Check out what we offer... and see what we can do.


Advice & Reviews

Unbiased Reviews

You can contact us any time for free advice via this website or call us when we're there. We also have the benefit of unbiased insight from Tony Mckenzie the independent reviewer who has made incredible written & video reviews of guitars, amplifiers, effects and accessories.


Our Support & Services

Need some help? We Have You Covered!

Got problems? or looking for something specific?

If You Have a Problem

We can help!

Guitar Shopper is not just some new company... and from our experience we know that if you get problems with most things guitar related then we can draw on the knowledge of our employees as well as that from Tony Mckenzie to get you answers and/or solutions for your problem...

Whether its guitar, amp, effects, rack setups, recording or anything else why not call us if you are being messed around by others (we know how you feel - we've been there too!) who often only want to sell you this weeks gear...

We are different and we genuinely want to help. Simply use our contact form and be sure to fill out all the details so we can get back to you.

We know what it's like when you have bought something and no one wants to know... we have been there ourselves many times... while sympathy helps it's actions that speak louder than all those empty promises. If we can help we will!

Something About Us

You might be surprised..

While most guitar shops are purely in their own little sector of business we're different. Our employees have worked within our group since 1989 and they have extensive experience in a number of sectors and not just one like most music stores do.

It's one reason why our group of companies is so successful - we ahave a very good understanding of what we sell and support.

Our experience includes wireless communications, amateur radio, recording systems and studio work, guitar related expertise, computer and network technology and software, specialised product development, distribution, product marketing and much more. So now you know!

And our import experience is second to none... we'll get you the best deals on gear there is! Forget those price fixing UK dealers and deal with a company that actually thinks about it's customers for a change rather than just bottom line...

Watch this space! This site will be online soon!

A DIFFERENT Dealer in Guitars Amplifiers Effects Accessories than the rest... they are gonna hate us!